Bridesmaids - Flower Girls - Maid Of Honor

THE BRIDE’S MAIDS – the Flower Girls, The Bridesmaids and the Maid of Honor, these are the girls in the wedding party we have dubbed the Bride’s Maids.

Are you a Bride looking to find information and solutions for solving the problems associated with managing your bridesmaids? Or maybe you are an attendant trying to figure out just what it is you are suppose to be doing?

Then this is the site for you – let us guide you through from choosing the right wedding attire to planning the bridal shower and more.

The Bridesmaids are the support team, they are the ones who will help in the decision making and act as a buffer between the Bride and the stress of planning a wedding.

With this in mind be sure that the girls you choose are able to handle the responsibilities they are about to take on and possess great communication skills.

We can help you solve some of the dilemmas associated with the wedding party…

Choosing the right bridesmaid’s dress has always been the #1 problem for a Bride. Who looks good in what? Who pays for the dresses? But it’s my wedding and I get to pick! Are all common reactions to dealing with the Bridesmaid’s dresses.

The Maid of Honor is just that – someone who has added responsible and is really the Bride’s right hand man or girl.

In addition to dress suggestions for the Maid of Honor we have compiled a list of duties and responsibilities.

High on the list of duties for the Maid of Honor is hosting the bridal shower – don’t panic! We have suggestions for hostessing the party as well as theme ideas, games and drink suggestions.

And what about those flowergirls? Don’t they just steal the show!

Not all Flowergirls are the angels they are portrayed to be. If you have concerns about your little flower girl we have included some suggestions for you.